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Project :

The Enlightenment

Kalachakra – the Enlightenment

Thousands of prayer flags float in the wind.

Lying on the grass, a woman’s voice tells her suffering after the loss of her sister when she still was a child.

In Dharamsala (Northern india), she befriends three tibetans sharing the same need to liberate themselves and reach knowledge – Peace.

Through their confidences, they lead us to the heart of one of the most powerful and mysterious rituals on earth : Kalachakra.

The dialog she holds with the tibetan Masters and the Dalaï Lama allows us to accompany her on a path to inner peace in which she creates a magical bridge, true and simple, between the Occident and the Orient.
This film pays homage to finding inner peace and a way to achieve peace in the world.

Kalachakra – the Enlightenment – Trailer

Written, Directed and Produced by
Natalie Fuchs

Associate Producers
Dominique Marzotto
Frédéric Fuchs
Loic Vecchio
Valérie Bruggemann
Olivier du Paty de Clam
Dominique Hurtebize
Nepal Tamang Lama (Jampa)
Rosine Lafon
Odile Charpiot

Special thanks to Manuel Collas de la Roche

Sejal Shah (Bodhgaya)
Pankaj Kumar (Dharamsala)

Yves Deschamps

Original Score
Laurent Ferlet

Natalie Fuchs
Tenzin Khetsun
Nepal Tamang Lama (Jampa)
Tenzin Norzom
Virginie de Ricci (Kalachakra’s Voice)

And the monks who created the mandala
Tenzin Chokden
Tenzin Choedak
Tenzin Loyang
Tenzin Kalsang
Tenzin Lodoe
Tenzin Nyima

Bodhgaya Shooting

Line Producer
Gautam Vaze

Production Designer
Waseem Mohammed

Production Assistant
Rehmat ul Kazi

Cinematographer Assistant
Akhilesh Srivastava Manoj

Jimmy Jib Operator
Prakash Mohapatra

Sound Engineer
Kaamod Kharade

Dharamsala Shooting

Line Producer

Location Manager
Maxwell Nagpal

Production Assistant
Om Prakash Bhandari

Cinematographer Assistant
Nuthan Nagraj
Kuldeep Shah

Assistant to the Director
Keshavraj Bhandari

Camera Assistant
Raju Gupta
Ramshankar Prajapati
Mohd Hanif Shaikh

Sound Assistant

Production Designer
Sybille Wallon

Post-Production Director
Olivier Lavielle

Production Assistant
Valérie Brisse
David Fragonard

Assistant to the Editor
Laura Diaz
Julien Vaugelade
Yannick Bouquard

Teaser Editor
Sacha Krasicka

Hervé Saint-Hélier

Credits Design
Charlotte Bayle

Sound Engineer
Philippe Richard

Sound Editor
Matthieu Farnarier

Sound Editor Assistant
Tristan Pontécaille

Matthieu Langlet

Foley Artist
Florian Fabre

Laurent Guyot
Yves Deschamps
François-Xavier Frantz

Vocal Coach
Ghislain Defonclare

Helios Hildt
Tenzin Namgyal
Christian Masse
Magali Bramon
Claire Barde
Khenpo Tséten

Graphic Designer
Emmanuelle Desvents

3D Mandala Animation

Project Director
Prof. Kavita Bala (Cornell University)

Elizabeth Popolo

In collaboration with
Ted Arnold
Tenzin Thutop
Tenzin Wangchuk of Namgyal Monastery

Thanks to Cornell University

The Kalachakra Mandala © Kavita Bala, Elizabeth Popolo – 2014

Special Contributors
Patrick and Nicole Fuchs
Philippe Fontan d’Andon and Magalie Giuge


Visit the official website : www.kalachakra-film.com